Boosted their revenue by 47.85% in the first month.

Kat (AAIN’s founder) came to us not really knowing what she needed in terms of Email Marketing… But right after hearing how we would set up all of her Email Marketing systems for her, she decided to try Wemailit. Let’s just say she’s happy she did!

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Before Wemailit and After Wemailit

AAIN’s case is really special for us. When we first met Kat (founder), she was really frustrated with her brand’s marketing.

She had tried everything and nothing seemed to work long term. Thankfully she found us after a friend recommended she try Email Marketing.

When we started working together, AAIN’s Email Marketing was barren. She only had a couple of email flows that were barely generating 5% of the eCommerce’s revenue.

But after applying our proven systems, Kat started to see results (actually from day 1). And within a month, almost half of the brand’s revenue was coming from Email Marketing. She grew revenue by almost 50%!

Before Wemailit

Email Marketing was barely generating 5% of the business’s revenue.

After Wemailit

With all of our automated systems in action, AAIN increased its revenue by 47,85%.

What does the client think?

“I’m so grateful for their help and I hope that we can continue working together”


Kat Ríos – AAIN’s Founder

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